Payment dates for the landline phone bill and the query link 2021

Payment dates for the landline phone bill and the query link 2021

The landline phone bill has become one of the most important bills that Telecom Egypt customers are interested in knowing its details, as it is always related to home internet connection, which is one of the most widespread internet systems in Egypt. You are accounted for in the quarterly system for the last three months, from May to this September, so we show you, in this report, the specific dates for paying the land bill, and the query link.

Landline bill payment dates 2021

Telecom Egypt set the payment dates as well as the grace periods for paying the landline bills, which are as follows:

  • The landline phone bill will be issued with the name and number, next October 15.
  • It ends on the following November 14, and then the grace period begins.
  • On November 15, the land line would be transferred to the receiving system only, until December 14, 2021, to be the month of grace.
  • After this date, the call-receiving service will be stopped, and on December 15, the landline phone temperature will be cut off, and delay fines will be recorded.

Land line bill inquiry link

Through the Telecom Egypt website, it is possible to inquire about the landline phone bill for the month of September, which is the official website of the company, through which it provides many services to its customers.

Where it is available through the site to know the payable phone bills, as well as pay the mobile bill, and renew the bill as well, and there is a special customer service for the deaf and dumb, in addition to customer service for all its customers, and you can also send complaints and suggestions, and know the nearest branches of the company to you.

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Accordingly, you can enter the official Telecom Egypt link, and use the service you want, and in a related context, you can inquire about the landline bill 2021, by following the following instructions:

  • Enter the link shown above.
  • Click on the Pay the landline bill box.
  • Write the necessary data such as; The landline phone number, and the county code to which it belongs.
  • Finally, we click the query.

How to pay bills

There are many electronic systems through which you can pay many services, whether private such as the landline phone bill, or government, which are as follows:

  • Payment via the Telecom Egypt website.
  • Or through the Egyptian Post.
  • Fawry service,
  • money.
  • safety.

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