Pay anytime, anywhere with the MojNovčanik app and get 5€ cashback

Pay anytime, anywhere with the MojNovčanik app and get 5€ cashback

Hipotekarna banka, in cooperation with the company Mastercard, has prepared a promotion for 1,000 new users of the MojNovčanik mobile application under the slogan: Pay anytime, anywhere and get 5€ cashback!

Anyone who decides to pick up and register their main card to Hipotekarna Bank and make at least one transaction with the MojNovčanik app, will receive a cashback of €5 at any point of sale in any amount. One user can exercise the right of refund only once. This promotion will run until August 1, and is for new users of the MojNovčanik app who are Hiotekarna banka customers.

We remind you that the MojNovčanik application (for Android mobile phones with built-in support for NFC) enables fast, secure and contactless payment, with the help of a contactless payment enabled mobile phone.

To take advantage of the mobile payment benefits, users need to download and install the MyWallet app from the Google Play Store and launch the app.

Through this application, the user’s mobile phone becomes his wallet, the big advantage is that only one PIN code is required to pay for all the cards entered in the MyWallets application.


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