Patti Sommer: “Under the eye of the tabloid he snuck out of my hotel room”

Patti Sommer: "Under the eye of the tabloid he snuck out of my hotel room"

“For men’s bands, Dolly Dots were a phenomenon. Six of those chicks together, they always found one of us attractive. Especially in the ’80s, when we had our biggest hits with Dolly Dots and performed a lot at major music festivals and concerts, we got a lot of attention.

Our manager at the time was watching us like akela. We would love to play with this. During the recordings for the program MusicIn Germany, Esther suddenly disappeared. He panicked, and teased us: “Oh, we saw him leave with that guy from Kool & The Gang.”

wild time

It was a fun, wild time. We got to know many other artists, we danced together, sat in the bar or smoked together together. The party at the Hyatt in Switzerland, where we were in honor of the Golden Rose Festival in Montreux, was really special.

For four days, all international artists, such as Quinn, Elton John, Rod Stewart and Joan Jett, attended. Later, it was made into a major TV show. We were all really looking forward to UB40 but unfortunately got booked for another day. We were right after a rotation turnover. This group was very popular and then had a lot of success reflex.

After that we invited the boys to have a drink and dance in our hotel. We thought that was cool, and he was just flirting a little with five of these English guys. Outside, all the young fans of Duran Duran were screaming loudly.

tight guitar

Personally, I got along well with the handsome guitarist of the band, John Taylor. I even had a short affair with him. In front of the tabloid press, who was staying in the same hotel, he snuck out of my room. Asked downstairs Barbara Plug from the magazine Spread I’m still surprised by Angela and Siegel: ‘Hey, isn’t that John Taylor? Duran Duran resides across the street, right? When I exited the elevator moments later, the other points acted very lightly on purpose: “Oh Pat, you slept too long.”

happy memories

John later called me a few times. When the rotation led the rotation in countdown, for example. We had a party together at the Amstel and at a nightclub in Amsterdam. Singer Simon Le Bon was really spontaneous to me at the time, not arrogant at all.

Altogether, John and I have had a thing for a few months, but it didn’t really work out. We both went in different directions with our jobs. I have fond memories of him and he still seems to remember me thirty years later. I recently received his compliments from him through photographer William Rutten. Very pleasant!”

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