Patricia Eitnell (NPS): “Tamara May Curtain!”

Patricia Etnel (NPS):

DNA member Patricia Eitnell (NPS) just announced that she’ll be there too tomorrow. The politician announced this on her Facebook page. It may mean protests are planned for Monday.

Etel adds that she is not there to support others. “Because all of us who have a heart for this country are fighting for a better Suriname as it is now on the street, in Parliament or in an organisation, we do it! I’m here because on May 25, 2020, a large group of voters said: Patricia Itnell, Me E Power You. I’m NPSer and NPSers as well Langa Blue….!Etnell said.

Various Surinamese political parties, including the Ministry of Energy and HVB, indicated this weekend that they would join Monday’s protest. The National Party also called on its supporters yesterday to support the activists.

Show decisiveness and be guided by hiding your arrogance and extending your hand! Wi abi wan betre tamara fanowdu! There must be peace‘, said the NPS association member.

Her party announced today that the National Socialist Party has established a committee that is ready to meet with representatives of activists. It was learned that the leaders refused this offer.

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