Patch notes for ARK 2.43 update bring exclusive items and new content from Genesis 2 Chronicles

Patch notes for ARK 2.43 update bring exclusive items and new content from Genesis 2 Chronicles

Developers at ARK: Survival Evolved New patch update roll out across different platforms. New ARK Update 2.43 brings lots of exclusive elements to the game along with new Genesis 2 Chronicles content. As part of the update, the developers also posted some important bug fixes. So, let’s take a quick look at everything that comes with the new ARK 2.43 update.

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ARK 2.43 patch notes

Here is a list of all the changes that will be implemented with the new ARK update:

Exclusive items

  • Animated series costume Raptor
  • Spear leather in Santiago
  • Leather Ax Santiago

All of the above items can be obtained by clicking on the main menu options in the game.

Genesis Chronicles

  • HLN-A Explorer Notes 6-10 added to Genesis Chronicles
  • TEK Suit V2 added to Genesis Chronicles

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Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that allowed Stego to constantly impalse
  • Level Up notification removed when Dinosaur was already at Max Level
  • A bug with FOV was fixed
  • Aberration day / night cycle bug has been fixed
  • Now fixed the issue that was causing stoppages when using teleporters and sinks
  • Fixed the event where a TEK Skiff would not be able to fly even when refueling
  • Before you eat the Tropeo egg, the game will issue a warning
  • Fixed bug with Nvidia Ansel
  • Fixed an issue where a baby mantis could float in the air
  • Stego’s Impale damage has been fixed to allow it to scale with level
  • Fixed a bug in which a Rider could be killed after removing the Trope saddle
  • Fixed network exploit with Crab.
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ARK: Survival Evolved is also set to land a sequel, titled Ark 2. It was recently announced during The Game Awards 2020. Here’s a look at the movie trailer that also features Fast and Furious superstar Vin Diesel.

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