Parsons on the heaviest job ever in Lionesses: I wish I had listened better to Van Gaal

Parsons on the heaviest job ever in Lionesses: I wish I had listened better to Van Gaal

Mark Parsons gave an extensive interview to the athlete Considering his stint as a national coach for the Orange League. The coaches bid farewell to the Dutch women’s team last August after more than a year. “Louis van Gaal warned me.”

“It was the hardest job ever,” he said frankly. “I jumped into a lion’s den and gave it my all,” Parsons looked back on his short-lived adventure as a national trainer for Orange Lionesses.

The 36-year-old Englishman came from the Portland Thorns to succeed Sarena Wegman. Parsons failed to defend the European title. At the European Championships in England, France were very strong in the quarter-finals, after which the National Football Association announced last August that it was bidding farewell to the national coach because there was little confidence that the ambitions of the team could be realized with Parsons.

“I think the results were good. We beat Portugal and Switzerland in the European Championship and tied with Sweden. Objectively speaking, these results were in line with the team’s place at the time. It was not yet 2017 (the year of the orange lionesses) they became European champions, editor) And in 2019 they may have performed above expectations with their place in the World Cup Final.”

Vinny vs France
Action against France was the real problem, according to the Englishman. “I’ve only felt this way twice in 10 years. This was not the team we had prepared, a very disappointing performance. That match was definitely not the result of our hard work.”

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It’s part of it, Parsons says. “Sometimes it happens and this time at a very bad time. The worst thing is to think that you as a coach are the reason for this performance. Responsibility always starts with the coach and sometimes I get caught up in it. I over-analyzed.”

During the European Championships, an interview came out from Jill Roard that Parsons would be speaking long and going deep. As a result, Rurd will withdraw from the conversations, although she eventually said those words had been misinterpreted.

“Mismatch, Mark”
“If we look at what Jill said, he also says good things: I care about people and I want to help them. Jill just wanted to play football, she’s a footballer. I have a lot of respect for her, she was one of the guys I was with who had Best communication. Quotes were taken out of context, but they were true. It takes time to get used to each other, but I wouldn’t change myself. I put the person first.”

Parsons describes Dutch media as “interesting”. “Louis van Gaal warned me when he met him and his collaborators.” Mark, don’t think you’ll ever have the Dutch media on your side. The Dutch coaches have already failed, not to mention the first foreign coach in 50 years. I wish I had listened better.”

New post Mark Parsons
The Englishman concluded that with orange lionesses they are not a good match. “I was well aware that it was going to be my biggest job ever. It was a very tough job case, but it simply wasn’t the right match. Sarina did the best job in international women’s football so it was really hard for me, but that’s why. said Parsons, who does not yet know what he will do next.

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“I’ve had some very interesting offers, but they’re not quite perfect. I have patience and would rather be close to my family.”

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