Parliamentary questions to Tuzu for border entrepreneurs

Parliamentary questions to Tuzu for border entrepreneurs

Published February 4, 2021

The Minister of Social Affairs and Labor answered parliamentary questions about the Tozo app for border entrepreneurs. Businessmen who do not live in the Netherlands but have their business in the Netherlands are not eligible for living aid in the Netherlands. For this, they must be present in their country of residence. However, they are eligible for other provisions, such as a working capital loan of up to € 10,157 at a reduced interest rate. If entrepreneurs meet these requirements, they are eligible for TVL, NOW, and TOA.

Like Tozo, TONK is a form of social assistance. These benefits are not exported. According to the principle of equality, only self-employed persons who live in Germany or Belgium and who run a company in the Netherlands cannot be allowed to qualify for a living allowance. This means that self-employed people across the European Union, European Economic Area and Switzerland can claim Tozo benefits if they have a business in the Netherlands.

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