Paavo Friso Bokal’s six-year-old mares: Fulke, Weri and Zegna in the final

Paavo Friso Bokal's six-year-old mares: Fulke, Weri and Zegna in the final

Helen de Haas with Volki T van e Popilanen. Photo: Ingrid Trojans

Wolkje T. van de Boppelannen (v. Beart 411), Weri van Pier’s-Hiem Ster Sport AAA (v. Wytse 462) and Xenia SB Ster Sport AA (v. Beart 411) are the three finalists for the Pavo Fryso Cup Qualifiers Mares She is six years old.

With six horses, the group of six-year-old mares in the semi-finals was small but cute. The first two of this class were close to each other. Helen de Haas rode her second mare to the final: Wolkje (Beart 411 x Fabe 348) showed “great half-passes, nice little changes to the boat and great endurance,” according to jury members Patricia Walters and Hermann Wentgis. The second number – half a point away – Wiri (Wytse 462 x Doaitsen 420) also showed a nice bend in length. “In the canter she can go up a little more, but the walk is good, the trot is good and at a good pace.”

Legs technique

The third finalist is Xenia (Beart 411 x Jelke 367), who progressed well upwards with Sofi Väisanen. “With a nice hit in the trot and lots of technique in the legs. She can still win the longitudinal bend.” The owners of Xenia came from Switzerland to encourage their mare. With a third-place finish in the semi-finals, Zegna made sure she could shine in the final on the afternoon of Friday, September 17th.

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