Outraged in the US after police said a black man was unarmed …

Outraged in the US after police said a black man was unarmed ...

In the United States, anger over police brutality escalated after officers shot an unarmed black man in Columbus, Ohio. Three weeks ago, a similar case of police brutality had already occurred in the same city.

André Morris Hill, 47, was in the garage of a house at night from Monday to Tuesday when police approached him. There was a guest on the owner of the house. The police came to the house after an unimpeded appeal about a car that had started and stopped several times.

The camera footage of the corpse shows a police officer Hill walking toward the officers with a mobile phone in his left hand. His right hand is not visible. Seconds later, one of the agents, Adam Coy, fired. He hit Hill several times and crashed to the ground. Although the man does not die instantly, Coy and his colleague take a few more minutes to lend their assistance. Hill later died of his wounds.

Adam Coy is currently under arrest, according to local media reports.

Mayor Andrew Ginter says he is “in shock” about Hill’s death. He says he “was an acquaintance of the residents of the house.” “He was there as a guest, not a thief.” He is also dissatisfied with the fact that the agents have failed to address the victim’s core concerns.

A similar incident occurred in Columbus three weeks ago. On December 4, another black man, Casey Goodson, 23, was shot dead by police.

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