Our primary concern is to ensure that the Republicans win the election

Our primary concern is to ensure that the Republicans win the election

Brian, Texas (KBTX) – Nearly 70,000 voters in Brazos County participated in early voting, and 34% of them are historically primary voters for Republicans only, according to an analysis of Ryan’s data for early voters.

However, Justin Farrell, a department head in the Brazos County Republican Party, thinks Republicans will continue to come out strong on Election Day itself.

“I think a lot of Republicans are excited to go out on Election Day,” Farrell said in Brazos Valley this morning. “I know locally that we did a lot of work in the party to get this vote out. I think our primary concern is to ensure the Republicans get the ballot papers and vote all the way from the White House to the court elections.”

In those domestic races, Farrell says his fellow Republicans are the right choice: “I think it really boils down to expertise locally … They have the experience, they have the capacity, they have the organization to get it all done. Some strong Republican seats, but unfortunately, I don’t think the candidates have the level of experience required to take on those jobs. “

Specifically, the Brazos County Republican Party kept a close eye on the race in Texas House 14th district between incumbent Republican candidate John Raney and Democratic contestant Janet Dodding, both of whom are Brian residents.

“We’ve focused, especially when it comes to Representative Rani’s seat, on making sure we educate voters and let them know that it’s important that they also run into state assembly elections,” Farrell said.

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