Oscar makes surfboards in Ostend

Oscar makes surfboards in Ostend

In my opinion, you have a picture of a person who always prepares on his own, who only makes and maintains his paintings … Hence the question. he is the problem single job?
Yes and no. I learned to surf on my own, so I was always alone in the water. When I started, I had a friend surfing at Braine-l’Alleud. For four years he would take me out to sea every weekend – whether there were waves or not, whether there was snow or the wind wasn’t right…we didn’t care. We just wanted to be in the water and have fun. Today he lives in Reunion. I don’t mind loneliness, I prefer it. But I also made a group of friends here. Every now and then we go surfing together, that’s cool. We motivate each other. But it is difficult to organize the sessions – one works in the morning and the other in the afternoon … Sometimes it is difficult to meet.

I’ve traveled a lot to train and surf on the best waves. What places impressed you the most?
I will start in Belgium. First and foremost, Blankenberge, because that’s where I learned to surf. This is forever etched in my memory. But when I discovered the sites here in Ostend, it was something really exceptional. The harbor has not yet been built. Everything was so different, you only had two surfers in the water and that famous rock that read “No tourists, no surfers”. My friend and I got scared and left saying we’d hit the rocks if we went surfing here. I later learned that it was the municipality that didn’t want people to come surfing or tourists to swim, but that spot was really crazy. Internationally, this question is difficult to answer, because there are beautiful spots everywhere – both in terms of the quality of the waves and the quality of the environment. I myself am from Asturias. There is also a great place for surfing, you have both the mountains and the sea. The village I belong to is located near Salinas, which is a world-famous place for long skateboarding. And if there are two places in the world that set me apart, it is without a doubt New Zealand and California.

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