Orange shirts raise 380,000 euros

Orange shirts raise 380,000 euros

Virgil van Dijk during training with migrant workers in Doha. Photo: KNVB Media

The orange shirts worn by the Dutch national team players in the World Cup matches against Senegal, Ecuador, Qatar, the United States and Argentina collected nearly 325,000 euros. The shirts sold at auction in the European Nations League matches with Poland and Belgium in September had previously collected about 55,000 euros, which raised the counter value to 380,000 euros.

All proceeds will be used to improve the situation of migrant workers in Qatar. The KNVB has asked the trade union FNV to ensure that the proceeds from the auction are used for this purpose. FNV works with migrant workers in Qatar through its participation in BWI (Building and Wood Workers’ International).

The money is used to protect their rights and goes to legal aid and personal development for migrant workers. Social activities (such as football) are also financed with the proceeds.

Participate in improving the situation

This meeting was very special for them and for us

“It is good that we can play a role in improving conditions for migrant workers in Qatar in this way as the National Union of Journalists,” said Captain Virgil van Dijk.

The Orange team captain also talks about meeting migrant workers about a training session for the Dutch national team in Doha. “I’ve mentioned it before. It seemed like a simple thing, getting to know each other. But this meeting was very special for them and for us. And as far as we’re concerned, it wasn’t necessarily necessary to be in front of the cameras. But the presence of hundreds of journalists did generate interest.” I’m universal about the situations of these people. As players, we have a vision and a platform, and therefore it’s important that we play that role as well.”

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