Orange lionesses devour Cyprus and achieve record equal victory | football

Orange lionesses devour Cyprus and achieve record equal victory |  football

With this win, Mark Parsons’ team reclaimed the top spot in Group C of the 2023 World Cup qualifying series in Australia and New Zealand. Although Iceland, which had two points less after five games, played one game less.

However, due to the KNVB boycott of Belarus, one of the five countries in the group, the task of the Lionesses in the World Cup is still surrounded by question marks. UEFA, which only suspended Russia due to its invasion of Ukraine, could impose a regular 2-0 defeat of the Netherlands, which could jeopardize their “down-under engagement”.

Lyneth Berntine signs 6-0.

Lyneth Berntine signs 6-0.

Although the subject matter is within the group of players, the lionesses in Groningen walked away unconcerned. Despite the moderate resistance, the players did not slacken for a moment and constantly sought out targets. After almost every hit, the ball was taken out of the net immediately. Only after the tenth goal, which was responsible – than others – Midema, there was every now and then a more extensive party. Midema, the Netherlands’ all-time top scorer, has 91 goals after 107 caps.

Despite many life-size chances for Lorde, among others, it ultimately stayed at 12-0, equaling the record for 1977, when women’s football won in the Zaandam against Israel with the same numbers.

Damaris Igurola makes her debut with Team Orange.

Damaris Igurola makes her debut with Team Orange.

Damaris Agurola

In the Netherlands, which took over without injured Lake Martins and Daniel van de Donk, Damaris Igurola made her debut in the 67th minute. The 22-year-old midfielder came onto the field for the nine-year-old international Spitse, who could succeed Ultimately as a controller.

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Igorola, who plays for Lyon, was born in the United States and raised in Spain, but this year chose to play for the Netherlands. Her mother, born in Groningen, was watching with wet eyes from the stands when her daughter was allowed into the field. Her Basque father also kept it dry.

Estonian Krona

Although there was plenty of laughter at Euroberg, Parsons must realize that a match against a southern European football dwarf was of little value for next summer’s European Championships. On Tuesday, the European champions will train in The Hague against South Africa, which is 57th in the FIFA rankings. In June, there will be an exhibition match against a major opponent, the England team led by Sarina Wegman. In the group stage of the European Championship, the Netherlands will meet Sweden and Switzerland. UEFA has not yet made a decision on the participation of Russia, the third country in the group.

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