Orange ladies live tonight on Ziggo Sport

Orange ladies live tonight on Ziggo Sport

The Orange Women’s Gold League opener can be watched tonight from 20:30 on Ziggo Sport’s open channel.

You can operate Channel 14 from Denmark – Holland. Both teams are preparing for the European Championship to be held in November.

In Northern Europe, national coach Per Johansson is seeing his group return to action for the first time since April after a number of training sessions at Papendale. Then the orange concluded the qualifying stage for the European Championship in Almira against Greece.

Pullman Wolves
Estafana Pullman (photo) is available again for the first time in a long time against Denmark. Johansson also took Baby Wolves to Denmark. You may make your first team debut during the Golden League.

The Golden League is a training tournament held by the federations of Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands. Orange men are also part of the collaboration and will play against Denmark and Norway in the future.

Also on the weekend
Ziggo Sport also broadcasts Orange’s two other training matches on Danish soil. On Saturday and Sunday (both times at 13:30), Per Johansson’s squad will play Norway and Switzerland respectively.

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Photo: Jaap van der Begel

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