Optimistic about futsal playoffs FCK De Hommel | other sports

Optimistic about futsal playoffs FCK De Hommel |  other sports

Nothing was at stake for FCK De Hommel and ASV Lebo in their last official match to compete in the Championship group. Both teams secured an early place in the quarter-finals of the final battle. Coincidentally, the match schedule also tied both teams together.

Despite ASV Lebo winning 6-2, FCK De Hommel played an excellent match again after a long run. The citizen must give courage again in the formation of Bossche. The two teams went to the end of the first half with a 1-1 draw. Abubakar Wadouh scored for FCK Team. After the break, visitors lost their most beautiful opportunity. A minute and a half before the end, the score was still 2-2. In the last minute, the duo gifted coach Pete Gabriels/Joham Marcy everything, 6-2. Abu Bakr and Duh were accurate again.

The battle for the Dutch title will continue in record time. On May 20, the two teams will meet again in Den Bosch and a return will follow two days later. The winner can compete in the semi-finals against the runner-up in the regular competition.

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