“Opening the offloading valves causes inconvenience, but there is no other option”

"Opening the offloading valves causes inconvenience, but there is no other option"

Image (c) Bonanza Agro Industries – This Victorian farm in the Brokopondo region has been completely submerged.

Low-lying villages downstream, beyond the dam of Lake Avobaca in Suriname, have again had to deal with massive flooding in recent days. This relates to the large amount of water in the tank and the opening of all five of the dam’s discharge valves, by Staatsolie Power Company Suriname (SPCS).

SPCS Director Eddie Frankel explained at STVS News Monday (below) how the situation arose and what the company did about it. According to the dam staff, there was not much water in the tank. This is due to heavy rainfall. There has also been no dry season this year, which means the water level could drop a bit.

Meanwhile, nature continues to provide water. To prevent the dam from bursting and flooding the entire country, the degassing valves had to be opened. This is of course bad for neighboring villages, but there is no other option according to Frankl.

Surinamese businesses are also affected by water. Bonanza, Asigron/Victoria Farm 2 on Tuesday showed how the company operates. Everything is under the water there as can be seen in the pictures below. “Investments from 2015 onwards were completely lost due to changing weather. In 2021 we had to deal with elevated water levels for the first time, but not of this kind,” the company said on Facebook:

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