Oops: Naked Canadian MP on video during a videoconference | abroad

Oops: Naked Canadian MP on video during a videoconference |  abroad

Amos, a member of the Quebec Liberal Party, walked across the photo naked. I stood between the flags of Canada and the Quebec region. In the photos he appears to be taking something for his private parts, perhaps a mobile phone.

To the cheerfulness of other MPs, a colleague Amos precisely indicated that the intention was also to appear dressed in elegant clothes and tie on screen during a video meeting. “We have confirmed this every time since the start of the pandemic,” said his fellow parliamentarian Debelville, who raised a point of order. “We have seen that Mr. Amos’s body is in perfect condition, but we still want to point out that he should handle his camera better.” He then thanked the President, who had turned a blind eye to the incident himself, with a big smile for the “helpful remarks”.

Unfortunate mistake

“That was an unfortunate mistake of course,” Amos later admitted in a statement. “My camera was turned on by mistake when I went to change after jogging. I offer my sincerest apologies. It was really a huge misunderstanding. It won’t happen again.”

The photos were only visible to MPs and employees. It is unclear how the image of the moment ended up in the Canadian press. Perhaps there was an intentional leak. “This is a warning to everyone,” he said to one of his colleagues in Amos.

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