Ontario Public Health Chief Moves to Nova Scotia | Local | News

Ontario Public Health Chief Moves to Nova Scotia |  Local |  News

The official who revealed that the government has ignored Ontario public health recommendations regarding COVID-19 will work in Nova Scotia next year.

A Nova Scotia Department of Health spokeswoman said in an email that Dr Shelley Dix, Ontario’s Chief Health Protection Officer, will take over the newly created position as Medical Officer for Public Health Monitoring in February.

“Dr. Dix is ​​a national expert in public health surveillance and epidemiology,” said Marla McKinnis. “We are looking to bring its expertise to Nova Scotia in a new position that will lead public health surveillance, support epidemiologists and support the publicly funded immunization program in Nova Scotia. The new job is a government investment in our public health system in ways that both will enhance our response to COVID-19. And other diseases. “

Deeks grabbed headlines in Ontario after it told the Toronto Star that the province’s thresholds for implementing COVID restrictions were two to four times higher than recommended by its public health agency.

The Star reported that Deeks also revealed that the county unveiled a color-coded COVID framework without consulting with it or other public health experts – despite the fact that Ontario officials said the policy was created in “full consultation” with experts.

The Ontario Department of Public Health refused Dicks for an interview, citing the Chronicle Herald to the Nova Scotia Department of Health.

According to her OPH CV, Deeks’ specialties include infectious disease control and outbreak investigations, vaccine safety, epidemiology and program evaluation.

She is also a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Canada and the Australian College of Public Health Medicine.

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