Online transport – Reining Transport is expanding in southern Germany

Reining Transport breidt uit in Zuid-Duitsland

BERGHEIM – The logistics provider Reining is expanding and will start using its fourth support point in Germany from April 15. This new Rennes site is located at D-86673 Bergheim, near Ingolstadt (Bavaria).

From this new location, Renning will begin with ten vehicles suitable for open and closed swap agencies. Renning will use these vehicles to distribute bulk goods to its customers in the construction and packaging sector in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. All vehicles are constructed in such a way that they can take their forklift truck with them on both the car and the trailer. This enables drivers to independently deliver goods to inland cities and construction sites.

The opening of this site is in line with Renning’s strategy to implement transmissions over shorter distances than ever before. To this end, Renning has expanded its network mainly in Germany in recent years. Renning’s business region includes the Benelux countries, France, Germany, Switzerland and Northern Italy.

Renning specializes in volume transfer. The fleet consists of 350 vehicles, 320 of which are registered in Germany. Additionally, Reining has a large number of variations in vehicle types, including ten LHVs. Renning can consider itself one of the largest service providers in this specific transportation segment.

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