[ondernemer van de week]Beautysalon Day Skin & Lifestyle in Holland Mall

[ondernemer van de week]Beautysalon Day Skin & Lifestyle in Holland Mall

Leidschendam – In Holland Mall, Day Skin & Lifestyle opens its doors on July 17th. This beauty salon is where beauty becomes an experience.

Written by Angie Kot

“When you walk past our store, you see something happening. Do you have questions about your skin, do you want to buy products, are you looking for a one-tone nail polish or are you looking for the right tinted foundation? Then you can only come in during business hours. As we run Small in-store treatments like applying makeup, gel manicures, and grooming eyebrows.”

Don’t wait for Diane de Graaf to finally open her beautiful shop in the Holland Mall at Kornoelje 16A. At the time of the interview, her new residence was still under construction, which would include three beauty salons, a waiting room and a store. “I was looking forward to this a lot. I have been looking for a property on a busy shopping street for two years. In December I decided to go to Holland Mall and it will open on July 17.”

Beautician Diane rented space in a hair salon for twelve years. Prior to that, she worked for a beauty business for 8 years. As the daughter of an entrepreneurial family, she thought it was time for her own salon. The new salon also deserves a new name, according to Diane, which suggests that it’s more than just a cosmetic treatment.

Day Skin & Lifestyle offers different facials. Before treatment, a skin analysis is performed. Part of the treatment is care tips. This also includes inpatient care. “The effects of good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are visible on the skin. Skin health is much more than just the outward appearance. We also look at clients’ lifestyles and give advice and tips when necessary. Part of that is supplementation. I want to delve deeper into correct molecular nutrition in the future. “

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Day Skin & Lifestyle will begin July 17 with three employees in addition to Dayenne. “All with the necessary experience and keeping up to date with the latest trends and developments through various training courses.”

Its existing clients are already eager to make an appointment at the new location. They know you’ll always be surprised during your Dayenne treatment. “During the mask, for example, I treat the shoulders, but the feet or hands can also be massaged. I want the customer to come home feeling great.” For this reason, it also has a waiting room where the customer can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea afterwards.

The products Dayenne uses and sells in her salon and shop are carefully selected. For example, innovative skin care products from Dermalogica that provide immediate, visible results and long-term skin improvement with powerful ingredients. She has a wide range of OPI nail polishes, Marc Inbane’s sunless brown products, and RevitaLash products, like mascara, eyelash serum, eyeliner, and eyebrow serum, for full, long, beautiful lashes and made Delilah even brand.

Day Skin & Lifestyle is open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM, and on Sundays from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Log in and get tips on everything related to skin, nails and makeup. More information about dayskinandlifestyle.nlOr call 070-444 70 79 and follow the salon Facebook social networking site On Instagram.

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