Once again, Netflix has had a hit on its hands

Once again, Netflix has had a hit on its hands

Raising Dion is rising in the statistics of the most watched series on Netflix.

raise debts, a series of superheroes from executive producer Michael B. Jordan on Netflix, there was a huge gap between its first two seasons. Because of COVID-19, recordings had to be postponed several times and fans had to lay off new episodes for two and a half years.

Fortunately, the drought ended this week, as a second season was added on February 1. And it’s safe to say that fans haven’t lost interest in her raise debts During the absence of the series.

raise debts first?
The top ten most-watched Netflix series have been released in the US and contain raise debts In third place.

The top ten still dominates it like the original series The woman at home across the street from the girl in the window korean zombie movie We are all dead† He also scored well for a long time in the first part of the last season of Ozark

But raise debts It only took one day to advance this series from third place. Netflix has a new number three in the form of raise debts

raise debts The film revolves around a mother who has just become a widow. Her young son gains superpowers and it’s up to her to figure out where they come from, keeping the new powers a secret.

Raising Dion is now available on Netflix.

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