OMT: wear medical masks for the mouth in more places | the interior

OMT: wear medical masks for the mouth in more places |  the interior

As far as experts, medical face masks should also be worn in all indoor public places, even when seated, regardless of whether sufficient distance can be kept. OMT mentions universities and colleges of higher education as an example. Students and teachers are now required to wear a face mask when walking the aisles, but it is currently allowed to remove it when sitting. OMT says people should also wear mouth masks more often in businesses.

OMT explicitly refers to “medical face masks,” because they provide “slightly better protection against the release of virus particles into the environment than non-medical masks” and provide the wearer with more protection against infection.

The number of coronavirus cases rose to an all-time high in the past week. This is due to the omicron variant of the coronavirus. All kinds of measures were announced in December to curb its spread. The Cabinet will decide during this week whether the measures will be relaxed, extended or expanded.

Hospital admission is located

The number of hospital admissions in the Netherlands is currently declining. In countries such as Belgium, France, Spain, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Ireland and the United States, the influx to hospitals is increasing rapidly. According to the OMT, in many countries that “taken less” there are more hospital admissions than previously using the delta variant. “Few people get seriously ill with the omicron variant, but because of the very high numbers of infections, it still puts health care under a lot of pressure.”

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