OMEGA launches a new bronze Seamaster 300 at Watches & Wonders

OMEGA launches a new bronze Seamaster 300 at Watches & Wonders

Omega watches dominate the land, the sea and the air. Take a look: The Speedmaster is NASA’s favorite watch and is used in testing, Railmaster resists magnetic forces from trains so that a train driver can keep time on hand, and the Seamaster is a diver’s best friend. The last hour continues to function, even when the wearer is swimming about 300 meters below sea level.

Divers challenge dangerous waters and thus need a reliable watch. The models they wear should be resistant not only to water, but also to water pressure. The deeper you dive, the greater the pressure. The 41mm Seamaster 300 is a smart choice for any underwater adventurer, but there’s always room for improvement. That’s why I used Omega Watches and wondersScholarship in Switzerland to offer some smart updates.

Omega Seamaster 300


The alterations are mainly cosmetic. The 2021 Seamaster 300 comes with a blue or black dial. The bracelet is available in two versions: one in steel and the other in dark brown calf leather. Hands are sand colored and glow in the dark. The large and small hands are illuminated in different colors, making it easier for the wearer to tell the time.

Plus, the logo has shrunk slightly. Previously, in addition to the OMEGA sign, the words “OMEGA” and “Seamaster” were written in large and slender letters. The updated version of the model drops “Seamaster” and sticks to “Omega”. Less is more, as designers sometimes say.

Omega Seamaster 300 Bronze


Seamaster fans will soon also be able to bring the Bronze model. This is very convenient. In the past, diving bells were made of waterproof bronze, although this material is less suitable for wristwatches. When bronze comes in contact with oils on the skin for a long time, it emits it. Omega’s smart solution: a stainless-steel case to separate the bronze from the leather.

The Seamaster 300 Blue costs $ 6,500. Black calfskin belt, $ 6,150. The bronze version is a little more expensive. You get it for $ 11,200.

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