Olympic news: Steenaart short-track reserve continues to play Bach’s watch | the Olympics

Olympic news: Steenaart short-track reserve continues to play Bach's watch |  the Olympics

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Short track reserve, Steinart continues to play Bach’s watch

08.44 AM: Short tracker Bram Steinart, who is running at the Beijing Olympics as a reserve, followed the women’s gold relay race on Sunday in the stands next to Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee. He even received a signed watch from the German as a gift.

Bach would actually come and take a look at the short track on the first day of competition, and then there was also a chance that Steinart would sit next to him. “But then something came up and he wasn’t there. He wanted to sit next to a few athletes and then TeamNL was asked if they knew anyone. Of course it wouldn’t be someone who was still busy with the game, but I had all the time as a spare.”

Stenar was in good company in the stands. Also in attendance were Chinese speed skater Hong Zhang, the 2014 Sochi Olympic 1,000m champion and current 500m long track speed skating champion Tingyu Gao, and Yan Dijkima, president of the International Skating Union (ISU). “Nice slate,” Steinart said.

The 21-year-old speed skater said he saw that Bach had looked at the short track more often. “He was friendly and caring. He asked how things had gone for us so far and he asked how I am in the sport. We talked about developing short track speed skating and what the differences are with long track speed skating. When I asked about his favorite short distance skating, he said he likes The 500m was running at the time, but he likes the longer distances that involve more overtaking and tactics.”

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Steinart broke his ankle last summer, but after a quick rehab he returned to the national short-track team and secured a place as a reserve for games in Beijing. In the end, he did not participate in the Olympic Short Track Championships. “It’s great to try games like this, even if it’s a spare. It makes a difference for the next games in four years, where I hope to be involved in playing. I already have experience with how everything works.”

Seventh straight final for Canadian ice hockey players

8.19 amCanadian ice hockey players have reached the Olympic final for the seventh time in a row. The four-time Olympic champion settled with Switzerland in the semi-finals of the Winter Games in Beijing with a score of 10-3.

The Swiss team already knew after the first period that they were playing a losing game. Canada actually led 5-1 at that time. Marie-Philippe Boleyn was the only Canadian team to score two goals.

The opponent in the final will come from the other semi-final match, which will be between defending champions USA and Finland.

The coach hopes that artistic fighter Van Zundert will get rid of the tension

08:06 AM: In the lead-up to her Olympic debut, Lindsay Van Zandert was nervous. The only 17-year-old from Brabant is the first snowboarder to represent the Netherlands in the biggest winter sports event since Diane de Leeuw in 1976.

“During the last few weeks in Heerenveen she has been very confident and very strong. I have a feeling here that she is, in a way, under a lot of pressure right now. I think she is feeling a lot of pressure. I see Lindsay different from the one I saw in Holland,” her coach said. Belgium’s Karen Hergers after her last training session at the Capital Indoor Stadium in Beijing. At that venue, Van Zundert will take part in the short freestyle on Tuesday from 11am Dutch time.

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Hirigers, who has coached van Zandert for just over a year and a half, is hoping to repeat the World Cup a little over a year ago in Stockholm. “I had the same feeling then, but she did very well there. So we shouldn’t panic either. I think we need to mentally strengthen her a bit,” says the coach.

Van Zundert finished 16th in the Swedish capital, while qualifying for the final as No. 24. Thanks to her freestyle freestyle, she surpassed few competitors in the standings. Now the figure skater must finish in the top 24 in the short freestyle to be able to return on Thursday for the freestyle. “If I go for each item, I’m satisfied,” Herrigers said. “Reaching to the final will be very difficult. It is important that she has given her best performance and does a good job for herself. These games are primarily aimed at gaining experience.”

The young snowboarder hopes to inspire others with a good performance. Van Zendert, who does the short workout on Tuesday at the rocky 11 Past The Hour, told Imelda. Mayo. “The choreographer picked this up for me and asked if I liked it. It’s music you don’t hear very often and probably never play in figure skating. I thought: Why not?”

Van Zundert is hoping for a place in the final, but that’s not her main goal. “I want to improve myself mainly with my own points. Then we will see where that leads us.”

French couple Papadakis/Ciceron skates for gold in ice dancing

07:58 amFrench couple Gabriela Papadakis and Guillaume Céziron won the gold medal in figure skating, part of figure skating, at the Beijing Winter Games. The four-time world champions demonstrated almost freestyle on piano and cello to composer Gabriel Faure and finished with a total of 226.98 points, a world record.

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Papadakis and Cizron had to settle for a silver medal at the previous Winter Games in South Korea, but in China the French duo was tough. World champions Victoria Sinitsyna and Nikita Katsalapov (220.51) of Russia finished second with a difference of more than 6 points and took the silver medal. The bronze went to Americans Madison Hubbell and Zachary Donoghue (218.02).

National short-track coach gives Otter a reserve participation for the first time in the Games

07:55 am: Rianne de Vries will finally make her Olympic debut. National team coach Jeron Otter named the 31-year-old short boot driver on Monday as the third orange driver for the 1500m race, scheduled for Wednesday in Beijing.

De Vries is already there for the third time at the Olympics, but she hasn’t played even for a minute. She was a backup chasing team in 2014 (Sochi), Pyeongchang (2018) and now in Beijing.

Susan Schulting, Selma Botsma, Zandra Vilzepore and Yara Van Kerkhove won the gold in the relay at the Capital Indoor Stadium on Sunday. Otter described it as the most beautiful medal of his long coaching career.

It was already known that Van Scholting and Velesbauer participated in the 1500m. The starting point was one still open to the Netherlands. Schulting hopes to win a fourth gold medal in the 1500m.

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