Olympic news: Double-sail Pickering/Deutz takes second place in third race | sports

Olympic news: Double-sail Pickering/Deutz takes second place in third race |  sports

Two-sail Bekkering/Duetz takes second place in Race 3

07:36 AM: Sailors Annemiek Bekkering and Annette Duetz finished the first day of the Olympic Sailing Championships in the 49erFX class with second place in race three. In this race, the duo only had to endure Martin Grill and Kahina Konzi of Brazil, the Olympic champion.

Pickering and Deutz started the championship in thirteenth place and finished eighth in the second race. In the third race, they were in the lead for a long time, but were overtaken by the Brazilian sailors before the last buoy. Denmark ranked third.

The Dutch sailors are in sixth place in the ranking after the first day. Great Britain, which won the first two races and finished sixth in third, is led by the United States and Brazil.

Judoka Fransen returns to the rematch after losing to the first-placed

7:34 am: Yul-Fransen was sentenced to take him back to the up to 63kg category at the Olympics. She lost in the quarterfinals on waza-ari to the world number 1 ranked Frenchman, Clarice Agpegno.

The 28-year-old Agbegnenou is a five-time world champion. She took the silver in the 2016 Olympics. I scored a goal in waza-ari after more than two and a half minutes and Franssen gave no result in the remaining minutes and a half.

In the replays, the 31-year-old Fransen will compete against Brazilian Caitlin Quadros. If she wins that match, she will compete with a loser from the semi-finals for a bronze medal. Cuadros is number 8 in the world, and Francine is three places lower. Matches start at 10 am Dutch time.

Earlier in the day, Fransen, who was immediately eliminated from this year’s European Championship and World Cup, was too strong for Australian Katharina Heiker and Serbian Anya Obradovic, both times at Ebon. Five years ago, the Netherlands was represented in Rio in the weight class of 63 kilograms by Annika van Emden, who won a bronze medal.

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Judoka de Wit did not attend the quarter-finals

6.47 am: Jodoka Frank de Witt did not reach the Olympics quarter-finals. He was eliminated in his second round match by German Dominic Riesel.

Everything came to a golden result, after one of them managed to correctly beat the other in the first five minutes. After half a minute of extra time, Wrestle got de Wit against the floor. So ends the Olympic adventure for De Witt.

Baumeister placed third after third place in the fifth race

6.20 am: Sailor Marit Baumeister finished third in the fifth race in the Laser Radial at the Olympics. The reigning Olympic champion had to make way for Sweden’s Josephine Olsson and Hungarian Maria Erdi.

Bouwmeester climbed two places in the standings and is third after five races behind Norway’s Flem Høst and Denmark’s Anne-Marie Rindom. Later Tuesday, it will follow the sixth race at the Laser Radial.

Fransen reports in the quarter-finals

6.08 am: Judoka Yul Fransen has qualified for the quarter-finals of the up to 63 kg category at the Olympics. Fransen, 31, beat Australia’s Katharina Heiker in the second round. Fransen is number 11 in the world, and Hecker is seven places lower.

In the fourth and final minute of normal time, Fransen finished the match on Eppon. She had recently received her second sentence. A third penalty kick would have meant defeat.

In the quarter-finals, Fransen will face France’s Clarisse Agpegno, the world number 1 ranked. Agbegnenou won a silver medal at the 2016 Games.

Fransen started his day by defeating Serbian Anya Obradovic. More than three minutes later, Fransen, also Eppon, won. If you lose in the quarter-finals, you will advance to replay.

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Five years ago, the Netherlands was represented in Rio in the weight class of 63 kilograms by Annika van Emden, who won a bronze medal.

Judoka Frank de Witt easily into the second round

5.24 hours: Frank de Witt easily secured a place in the eighth final of the Judo Championships at the Olympic Games. He was too powerful for Peniamina Percival from Samoa, number 217 in the world. De Wit ranks fifth in the world.

After 1 minute and 9 seconds, De Wit has already taken victory. He scored waza-ari with a field and did not let judo from Samoa get away; Ebon.

The 25-year-old De Wit appeared in the games for the second time. Five years ago, he had not won a race in Rio de Janeiro.

Swimming titles for Rylov, Jacoby and Dean

4.35 am: In Tokyo, the necessary swimming titles were handed out again on Tuesday. In the men’s 100m backstroke, Russian Evgeny Rylov won ahead of compatriot Kliment Kolesnikov and favorite Australian Ryan Murphy.

In the women’s 100-meter butterfly, Lydia Jacobi of the United States won the Olympic title. Tatiana Schoenmaker (South Africa) and Lily King (USA) completed the podium.

The British celebrate the men’s 200m freestyle. Tom Dean outperformed fellow countryman Duncan Scott. Brazil won the bronze medal through Fernando Scheffer.

Judoka Fransen via EPON to the second round

4.17 am: Judoka Yul Fransen qualified for the second round in the weight category up to 63 kg at the Olympic Games. The 31-year-old Fransen was Serbian president, Anja Obradovic. Over three minutes later, Fransen beat Eppon.

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Fransen is number 11 in the world, and Obradovich is number 34 in the world.

Ireland reclaims 3-0 down en route to eighth final

4.10 am: Table tennis star Brett Ireland advanced to the last 16 at the Olympics. The Dutch seemed to be heading out at lightning speed, but they fought well and won 4-3 (9-11, 3-11, 7-11, 11-6, 11-5, 11-8, 11-7) Dina Mishref from Egypt .

Against the world’s 36th-ranked left-hander, Ireland, herself number 28 in the world rankings, missed at the end of the first match, when she gave up two service points in a row. This was followed by a second, very modest match, in which she had almost nothing to say, and in the third she was also constantly behind the facts.

In the fourth game, Ireland took the lead for the first time and did not concede. It also pulled off a convincing fifth, which made it really exciting again. Match six also went to Ireland by a few pretty nice points, while Mishref got even more polluted.

Therefore, a decisive seventh match had to be played. Ireland took the lead again and was eventually followed by three match points. With the first blow she is hit on the spot and therefore she can take part in the eighth final later on Tuesday.

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