Oligarch as a negotiator. What was Abramovich doing in Istanbul?

Oligarch as a negotiator.  What was Abramovich doing in Istanbul?

Russia and Ukraine seemed to get a little closer together for the first time yesterday in Istanbul. After another day of negotiations, it was revealed that Russia plans to reduce military activities around Kyiv and Chernihiv.

One of the most prominent attendees during those talks was Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, better known as the owner of Chelsea Football Club. The day before, it was revealed that Abramovich had been poisoned during previous talks with Ukrainian negotiators in Kyiv. They suffered from feather loss and sore eyes. They are now being treated.

The news of the poisoning and the presence of Abramovich in Istanbul raise many questions. What is his role in negotiations? And who really wants it? “He seems to be playing a bigger role as a striker for the Kremlin than I thought,” said Russian expert Hubert Smits.

consent from both sides

Official comments are not very helpful. Kremlin spokesman Peskov said that Abramovich “is not an official member of our delegation. However, he is on our side today.” Abramovich was not sitting at the table, he can be seen on the photos, but in the row behind him.

Peskov also said that “Abramovich is involved in establishing various contacts between the Russian and Ukrainian sides. To establish contacts, you need permission from both sides. In Abramovich’s case, this permission exists.” The man who became very rich through the oil trade appears to be the oil man in the negotiations between Ukraine and Russia.

Addressing the delegations in Istanbul, Turkish President Erdogan said:

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