Old video games may now be worth thousands – here’s how much you can get

Old video games may now be worth thousands - here's how much you can get

A video game sold for more than $ 100,000 in the United States, the highest price ever at an auction.

News that will send players scrambling to their loft in search of their old school games that could earn them a fortune.

A stamped copy of Super Mario Bros 3 for NES was sold to an unknown collector for $ 156,000 (£ 116,793) by Heritage Auctions in Texas.

While the game was one of the most popular games of its era, which means it could have been mass-produced with likely many copies in existence, the rare auction auction version had a very slight variation, making it a collector’s dream.

Why was it so expensive?

On the front of the game cartridge, the word “Bros” appears to the left of Mario, while the standard version of Art shows the word to the right of him.

The bidding process started with $ 62,500, and the winner was eventually able to bid on 20 other collectors for a special edition of Super Mario Bros.3.

Also sold during the same auction was a sealed copy of Pokemon Red for the Nintendo Gameboy, which sold for $ 84,000 (£ 62,889).

Are there other games that could be worth a lot of money?

With many collectors around the world and over four decades of video game memorabilia to choose from, there are plenty of other vintage games that can fetch a high price at auction or online.

Old and unopened Special Edition games cost up to £ 28,000 on eBay right now, and even some classic games are worth over £ 1,000, so it’s worth checking those loftier boxes to see if there’s any treasure left. Hidden pink old games.

Here are some of the very rare old video games that are selling for big money on eBay right now:

  • Sealed Duck Hunt 1984 Hong Kong for NES in Blue Box – £ 18.440.73
  • Super Mario Bros 1985 sealed for NES first print – £ 16135.57
  • Final Fantasy stamped 1987 for NES – £ 8,644.36
  • Super Mario World sealed 1990 for SNES – £ 7,500
  • Super Mario Kart 1992 sealed for SNES – £ 7,484.16

Many of the classic games are also selling for well above their original cost as well, including:

  • Diablo for PlayStation 1 – £ 1,138.71
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 3 for Sega Genesis – £ 1135.51
  • Shadowgate by Nintendo 64 – £ 995
  • Snowboard Kids 2 for Nintendo 64 – £ 966.47
  • Alien vs Predator for SNES – £ 600

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