Old Eindhoven couple pretend to live in Switzerland for years: €1m fine | interior

Old Eindhoven couple pretend to live in Switzerland for years: €1m fine |  interior

A retired Eindhoven couple has to pay a fine of 1 million euros because the husband and wife have evaded taxes for years by pretending to live in Switzerland. In fact, they make daily withdrawals from their offshore accounts in Eindhoven.

In total, the Dutch treasury would have lost about 1.2 million euros between 2013 and 2016 due to the couple’s fraud. This money has now been paid. And with a fine of one million euros, it was forbidden to go to court.

Jail time is usually a common occurrence in such massive tax evasion. But given the age between them, it’s omitted here. The Public Prosecution Office (OM) does not answer questions about the age of the two.

Real estate abroad

The Eindhoven case emerged in a joint investigation by the tax authorities, the FIOD and the Public Prosecution Service. It is about Dutch people who have a lot of assets abroad, such as real estate or money in foreign accounts, but do not report it to the tax authorities. Treasury loses capital due to tax evasion.

During the investigation, Tax and Customs Administration monitors who often pays with foreign banks or with foreign credit cards. Then it was examined whether such persons were obligated to pay taxes in the Netherlands. Finally, during the tax return, it is checked if the concerned persons have mentioned anything about overseas assets. Once that was not the case, FIOD opened an investigation.

Swiss account

The Eindhoven couple was one of the cases in which the investigation began. Often, so much money was withdrawn from the Swiss account that the husband and wife had to stay in the Netherlands for most of the year. The investigation showed that the couple were therefore obligated to pay tax in the Netherlands – and not in Switzerland, as the duo claimed.

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