“Obviously a huge success”

"Obviously a huge success"

Toto Wolff and Zac Brown disagreed with Max Verstappen’s comments earlier this week. The Dutchman criticized the Drive to Survive series on Netflix and said it gives a wrong picture of what is really happening in F1.

Verstappen does not cooperate with Netflix

Verstappen will not participate in Drive to Survive in the future. The series contributed to a significant growth in the popularity of the sport, especially in the United States, but Verstappen describes the series as “fake” and does not believe it is a true reflection of reality.

At the press conference after the US Grand Prix on Friday, Zach Brown and Toto Wolff were asked to give their opinion on the series.

Brown emphasizes the series’ importance to the popularity of the sport in America and to the number of new American fans who have come to the United States since the Drive to Survive campaign.

Wolf sees value addition from Netflix

Wolff agrees with his rival Braun and disagrees with Verstappen: “We weren’t very impressed at first, because we wanted to focus on results on the track. I was wrong. It’s obviously a huge success.”

“Yes, we are a sport and we have to stay close to the value of the sport and we have to avoid ‘artificial interference’, but sport is entertainment and these people have given us a new perspective and a new dimension and the feedback from the fans is great. Especially here in the States.”

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