NVIDIA will create the Earth-2 supercomputer, a digital simulation of the planet that seeks to predict the evolution of the climate for decades to come

NVIDIA creará la supercomputadora Tierra-2, una simulación digital del planeta que busca predecir la evolución del clima a décadas vista


November 15, 2021 05:28 GMT

“We need to deal with climate change now,” the company’s president, Jensen Huang, defended, noting that long-term forecasts are necessary to “develop the best mitigation and adaptation strategies.”

The American multinational company NVIDIA, specializing in the development of graphics processing units and integrated circuit technologies, has revealed its plans to create a file computer simulation From the Earth to predict future climate changes and adapt infrastructure and humanity to it.

christened Earth-2 (Earth-2), the system will create a file digital twin from the planet in Omniverse, the NVIDIA platform that enables global 3D design teams to work with multiple software packages for real-time collaboration in a shared virtual space.

The answer is simulation.

In the company’s official blog, the tech company’s CEO, Jensen Huang, warns that global warming is already translating into a doubling extreme atmosphere conditions, such as “historic droughts, unprecedented heat waves, severe hurricanes, violent storms and catastrophic floods.”

“We need to confront climate change now,” he said, emphasizing that to achieve that goal, “the answer is simulation.”

The NVIDIA chief notes that humanity needs “climate models that predict the climate in different parts of the world over decades” in order to “develop the best strategies for Mitigation and adaptation, acknowledging that “the results of these efforts will not be visible for decades.”

“Unlike weather forecasts, which are a basic model of atmospheric physics, climate models are Simulation for several decades From now on, they are modeling the physics, chemistry and biology of the atmosphere, water, ice, land, and human activities,” he explains.

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Expand accuracy scales

The current simulation, according to Huang, is not sufficient, as it covers a resolution of 10 to 100 km, while a higher resolution is needed to model changes in global water cycleWhich records the movement of ocean water, sea ice, land surface, aquifers, atmosphere, and clouds.

A one-meter decision is necessary clouds simulation that reflects sunlight back into space.”

combination of techniques

“for the first time, Our technology Essential to implement high-resolution climate models, to jump to the speed of light and to predict changes in extreme regional climate for decades to come,” said the director.

He said that this goal can be achieved Combines three technologies: accelerated computing with graphics processing units (GPUs); Deep Learning and Advances in Neural Networks with Application of Physics; and supercomputers with artificial intelligence algorithms.

Through the combined use of these technologies, NVIDIA will build a “supercomputer” strongest in the world Dedicated to forecasting climate change.

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