“Now I worked for a year for nothing”

Schilderijen van Jacques Tange raken spoorloos op weg naar Dubai: 'Nu heb ik een jaar lang voor niets gewerkt'

Schiedam – Losing your newly ordered shoes in the mail is annoying, but it’s not a global disaster. But when seven paintings are lost on their way to a buyer in Dubai, there is an even bigger problem. “They are somewhere in Paris, but yes, this city is very big,” says Schiedam artist Jack Tang.

The artworks were ordered by a collector in Switzerland, Tang told Regenmond Radio. “It’s for his new home, somewhere on an island near Dubai,” Tang explains.

The Swiss attorney recently selected seven Tange artworks. These—and this was an exception for Schiedam’s artist—had been removed from the frame, wrapped and sent in a box. Then it was sent to the new owner. “But that’s where it went wrong somewhere. Somewhere in France they lost the box.”

But how to get rid of a cage of two meters by two and a half meters. “I have no idea how they managed that,” Tang grumbled. “But I suspect it’s in the wrong place somewhere. The box has been missing for over six weeks and I don’t think they will find it so quickly. It has taken so long now.”

The artwork is worth 100,000 euros. “A public act,” Tang adds. “Now I have the idea that I worked for a year for nothing. What’s worse is that the guy in Dubai now has bald spots on the wall.”


Tang does not consider the chance of theft to be very high. “If that were the case, it would at least have been an interesting story. No, nobody can see from the outside that there is art in it. It’s a normal box with his data and me on it.”

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The latter has not yet mentioned about the lost artwork. The question is who will initiate the lawsuit first, Tang says. “But since he’s a lawyer, that’s probably okay.”

This is an article written by our media partner Riggenmond.

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