Not Joe Exotic, but these top names still pardon Trump

Niet Joe Exotic, maar wel deze opvallende namen kregen nog gratie van Trump
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Donald Trump used his last hours as president of the United States to pardon 100 more people. This includes controversial former employees like Steve Bannon, as well as rappers like Lil Wayne. Netflix’s Joe Exotic ‘Tiger King’ was hoping for good news, but he has to stay in prison.

True friends appear when you need them most, so Donald Trump saved a hundred more people from legal punishment at the end of his term as president. He has the option to grant a presidential pardon.

Misappropriation of funds

Among the lucky ones is Steve Bannon. The populist radio producer was a longtime campaign manager and aide to Trump, but he clashed with the president in the White House and was eventually fired. Later, he raised money to build the wall on the border with Mexico and is said to have used a portion of that amount for personal purposes. Bannon himself denies the accusations. For a long time, it wasn’t certain whether Trump would pardon his former supporter because he had spoken somewhat rudely of Trump’s children, but in recent days there has been a connection between the two.

The golden pistol

Another notable name on the list is rapper Lil Wayne. He faced a 10-year prison sentence after landing with a golden loaded pistol on a chartered plane in Miami in 2019. A loyal Trump fan was found guilty last month, so don’t worry. The same goes for fellow rapper Kodak Black. He had to go to four years in prison for possession of a pistol, but the president also pardoned him. Kwame Kilpatrick would be comfortable, too. A Democrat was mayor of Detroit, but is currently serving a 28-year sentence for fraud and extortion.

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Rumor has it that Trump was also considering pardoning himself. There is a real chance that the real estate mogul will face some lawsuits after his presidency. His entourage would have succeeded in dissuading him from that plan in recent days. Joe Exotic, the star of the Netflix documentary Tiger King serving a prison sentence for attempted murder, was also hoping for a pardon, but he won’t get it.

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