NOS reporter van der Horst speaking at KBO

NOS reporter van der Horst speaking at KBO


At the invitation of the local seniors’ association KBO, NOS foreign correspondent Arjen van der Horst will talk about his journalistic work and experiences at the De Rots community center on Wednesday 23 November.

Born and raised in Esch, Van der Horst, 49, got his start as a foreign editor and in 2007 as a correspondent in England. In June 2008, van der Horst became chief correspondent. His area of ​​operation includes the United Kingdom and Ireland.

In the fall of 2014, van der Horst went to North America as a correspondent for NOS. He explained various important events vividly to the Dutch viewer, especially via the daily NOS Journaal. In the days of Barack Obama and Donald Trump, he was frequently on Dutch television, often from the government center in Washington, where he also lives.

Britain’s exit from the European Union

After the last presidential election in December 2020, Van der Horst left the United States again to report on Brexit in Great Britain and Ireland, among others. During the KBO lecture, Van der Horst also talked about recent experiences in Ukraine.

The meeting starts at 2 pm and is free for KBO members. Other interested parties pay a €2 entry fee.

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