NOS reporter charged with aggressive behavior at FHJ Tilburg

Fontys Hogeschool voor Journalistiek in Tilburg (beeld: Google Streetview).
Fontes University of Journalism in Tilburg (Photo: Google Street View).

Several people on Twitter accused NOS radio reporter from Den Bosch of sexually offensive behavior. Several young men there complained about the way the reporter handled them, including the introductory activities of Fontes University of Journalism in Tilburg. NOS said in a short reply on Twitter that the issue is getting its full attention.

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In almost all cases, it concerns men who work in the media. Former journalism student Rowan Gillens decided to post his story on Twitter. The reason was similar reports about D66 Member of Parliament Sydney Smits.

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Responses showed that Geleijnse was not the only one who had negative experiences with the reporter. At least ten men have shared their findings on Twitter. Geleijnse also received twenty private letters with negative stories about the reporter.

A former student at Fontes University of Journalism (FHJ) wants to anonymously tell what happened to him about seven years ago. He had his experience with a NOS Reporter at the Tilburg Study Program enrollment camp. He was only 18 years old. Former students were also allowed to attend the last night of the camp. And in the days before that, the former students who directed me had warned me: “Watch out for him, because he loves characters like you.” By this, they meant: little children.

“In a clear moment I thought: Hey, I don’t want this.”

“On the evening in question, I was like all the other students completely drunk. He was already there and noticed that he was watching me. Anyway, it didn’t matter to me. I don’t remember exactly how it happened, but at one point he pulled me into his car. There he kissed me and touched me. In a clear moment I thought, ‘Hey, I don’t want this. Then I turned around and walked away.’

The boy looked at the journalist: “I was eighteen years old and green as grass. This was the NOS radio reporter.” A few days later, the boy told his colleague what had happened. He was so shocked he made a date with Marjo Spee, the manager of FHJ. The colleague also reported the accident. The boy did not do this himself.

In response, FHJ announced that the then manager had an insightful conversation with the reporter after the report. He is no longer welcome at intro parties. From that moment on, the camp was no longer available to the former students and from now on a secret advisor was sent as well.

Then he tried to contact the boy several more times via direct messages on Twitter and the gay dating app Grindr. He was sending him dirty messages. But the boy stopped him.

The boy is not shocked from his experience with the reporter, but he feels hurt. “The fact that he was known in the camp that he was doing and that he was allowed to, I found very strange after that. I was eighteen years old, and I hadn’t come out of the closet for more than a year and am still green like grass. This man was fifteen years older than me. It is bitter for me that this is covered in the mantle of love. ” Since the story came out via Twitter on Tuesday evening, he’s been struggling with stomach pains.

“Haha, this is the reporter again, he came to be a victim.”

The boy realizes that the story harms the reporter. But he thinks it’s good to show this. It’s part of a culture, especially in the press. This happens structurally. Know more stories. We’ve let it go for a long time under the guise: “We’ve all been drunk at once: Haha, this is the reporter again, he’s going to make a victim.” Then I guess he might not be the biggest bogeyman. But this culture has been tolerated for a long time. It is time to take responsibility for the things he has done. “

NOS, the journalist’s employer, doesn’t want to say much about this. The broadcaster considers it a matter between the employer and the employee. “We understand the curiosity, but these are things we think should not be discussed in the outside world.” The broadcaster on Twitter has been criticized for this, because NOS is reporting the story of unwanted sexual behavior of Sydney Smits.

Omroep Brabant contacted the same reporter, but was not reached.

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