North Holland Province and Nissan Cooperation

North Holland Province and Nissan Cooperation

Cars are getting smarter and taking tasks out of the drivers’ hands. It is important for the province of Noord-Holland to know upcoming technological developments and their impact on infrastructure. That’s why Vice Jeroen Olthoff (mobility and accessibility) and Innovation Director Martin Serhuis of Nissan North America will sign a collaboration agreement on September 6, 2022 in California.

Through testing on country roads, Nissan is gaining insight into the performance and impact of advanced systems. In this way, the county is informed in a timely manner of developments that can ensure that we travel intelligently, cleanly and safely in the north of the Netherlands, now and in the future.

District roads are ideal for field testing of newly developed technologies such as driver assistance systems. This is because different types of traffic use it, including cyclists and pedestrians, and there are intersections, roundabouts and traffic lights. Perfect test mode for American Nissan cars. This allows the county to investigate how new vehicle technology and data is being used to manage smart traffic, reduce carbon dioxide emissions and improve road safety. In the coming period, the tests and information that Nissan and the governorate will conduct and exchange with each other will be clarified.

The county is also working with other auto manufacturers and companies to prepare well for the future.

Collaboration results
The province has been working with Nissan since 2013. With the signing of this agreement, the cooperation will continue until December 2025. In recent years, the cooperation has presented many ideas. It is good to know that the province of North Holland attaches great importance to cybersecurity and privacy. For example, it was investigated whether by sharing video images from vehicles, a county traffic control center could respond more quickly and appropriately to accidents. Sharing this information has a positive impact on safety and accessibility. Research has also been carried out on specific Dutch traffic situations that are difficult to recognize for (future) self-driving cars; For example places with cyclists. This pertains to cases where the sensors of these smart cars do not have a complete overview or where the sensor’s view in a particular direction, such as roundabouts or blurred intersections, is blocked. know more? Watch the video.

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Dutch Trade Mission to California
The cooperation agreement will be signed during the trade mission to California, organized by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 120 Dutch companies and public institutions are participating in this business mission linked to Her Majesty Queen Maxima’s economic working visit to the United States, where, in addition to climate change, energy and healthcare transformation, smart and clean urban mobility is high on the agenda. The visit will take place from Tuesday 6 to Friday 9 September in San Francisco, Silicon Valley (California), Austin and Houston (Texas). During her visit from Tuesday 6 to Friday 10 September, Queen Maxima will be accompanied by Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Lizzie Schreinämacher. Also participating in the visit are Minister of Health, Welfare and Sports Ernst Kuipers, Minister of Education, Culture and Science Robert Dijkgraf, and Minister of State Heijnen at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

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