Norris not happy with Drive to Survive: “Sometimes it’s an exaggeration’

Norris not happy with Drive to Survive: ``Sometimes it's an exaggeration'

Lando Norris isn’t entirely satisfied with the way Netflix is ​​also trying to add some moments to Drive to Survive Season 4. In particular, the Bahrain Grand Prix fragment teases him: “I may not completely agree with that.”

Netflix series campaign to survive It has been highly praised in recent years. It brought many new fans to Formula 1, especially in the US, but there was also regular criticism. Max Verstappen, for example, declined to participate in Season 4 because the production team handles the images too freely to add to it. “I’m a very humble person. I just want the facts,” said the Dutchman. “No need to exaggerate it for me.”

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Also in the fourth season, a lot is played with images and audio clips of the 2021 season, which Lando Norris noted. The Briton has his doubts about some of the pieces. “Episode two is the first real introduction to Daniel, me and McLaren,” Norris said. “That’s fine, it gives you insight. I think it looks good from one side, maybe not so much from the other.”

“Obviously there are some comments and things here and there that might be out of place. If you’re the one the idea is about, you might not agree because it might look like you said something at some point, which isn’t true,” Norris said.

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He cites the Bahrain Grand Prix compilation as an example. The footage shows Norris and Ricciardo walking side by side through the first corner, but then an onboard radio message overlay from Norris who came from another race. “We weren’t even close. I pretend on the radio that he pushed me off the track, that’s just of a completely different gender. So some things are a bit exaggerated and maybe I don’t quite agree with that,” Norris explains his criticism.

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