NOC * NSF wants to resume major competitions in mid-December | Other sports

NOC * NSF wants to resume major competitions in mid-December |  Other sports

Sports parachute NOC * NSF hopes that major competitions in various sports will resume in mid-December. Next week, he will discuss with senior officials in the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports. With the exception of professional football, all competitions have been suspended due to Corona’s measures.

With the plan given the business title to reopen the sport, NOC * NSF director Gerard Delissen also hopes to “restart club sport,” he said Thursday during an informal meeting ahead of Monday’s public meeting.

The major competitions have to take place because the athletes who will participate in the Olympics need competitions. As for other competitions, Dielessen is considering a restart early next year. “This has a lower priority and only then do we start thinking about the canteens, changing rooms and audience reception. This is our last aspect.”

NOC * President of NSF Anneke van Zanen-Nieberg and General Manager Gerard Dielessen. © ANP

“The starting point is that there will be more space in which to follow the roadmap, which still sometimes leads to confusion. In the first place, we hope that the sport will take place in groups again soon, in our private club without transfers,” said Delison, who reported That a week later there was a board meeting with Minister Tamara Van Arc, “You can at least train again and play mutual matches.”

Delson said it’s an earlier decision that he shouldn’t regret sports in the group right now. Because it has not been proven that the virus is transmitted during sports. Although I understood that the procedure was primarily intended to create clarity ‘

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Van Arc will address the meeting on Monday. Delson: We hope you clarify just how important sport is. “

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