No clarity yet on international trains on strike day

No clarity yet on international trains on strike day

Utrecht (ANP) – NS cannot yet say what consequences this Friday’s planned personnel strike will have on international trains. “We’re busy looking at what’s possible,” a spokeswoman said. She expects that there will be clarity for travelers during the day on Thursday. This also applies to the line between central Amsterdam and Schiphol, where trains continued to operate during the main strike last week.

NS employees in the western and northwestern regions are still planning to stop work on Friday, although unions have promised they would like to talk to NS again about their working conditions. The railway company submitted a proposal for a new collective labor agreement on Tuesday. This includes a 5 percent wage increase effective July 1, retroactive, and another 2.5 percent at the beginning of next year. The FNV union said the NS management still had to “make big strides”.

During the previous strike that halted rail traffic across the country, trains from Thalys and Eurostar to Paris and London were unaffected. There were consequences for the trains to Brussels, Berlin, Switzerland and Austria. Because of the actions, they did not stop at different stations where they usually stop.

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