No book, but a green solar car at the opening of Ter Porsche Children’s Book Week

Ter Borch Kinderboekenweek

How do you motivate children for sustainability? Teacher Melanie Demex of OBS Ter Borch had an idea. She invited her sister’s solar-powered car team to a race in Australia. It turns out that the start of Children’s Book Week was the perfect occasion to put the fossil-free car into elementary school.

A member of the Top Dutch Solar Team puts yell in. “Okay guys, it’s coming….”

“GI-GA…GREEN!” , Group 6 of OBS Ter Borch screams. The theme of the Children’s Book Week is enthusiastically presented to the schoolchildren. Kids marvel at the technical achievement of the bright green solar car.

“I’ve heard a lot of questions, so I suppose the kids will find it interesting,” Loeka Demkes concludes. As a communication student, she has taken part in a solar challenge in which her team is participating. The car that can be seen today at Ter Porsche, drove earlier in Morocco. “And now we are preparing for a race in Australia. From the northernmost point to the southernmost point.”

When Sister Melanie asked her to visit the school in Ter Burch in the north of Drenthe, she couldn’t really refuse. “And I think it’s a totally good idea. It also fits really well together, because our theme is the same as that of Children’s Book Week: ‘Gi-Ga-Green.’ And our motto is ‘Gi-Ga-Green,’ ours.” yell It is “Gi-Ga-Green”. Everything is giga green.”

Watch here how children react to seeing a solar car:

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