Nine years later, the Dutch Junkie XL business is launched again

Nine years later, the Dutch Junkie XL business is launched again

Photo: ANP

For the first time in nine years, the music was released by Junkie XL, the stage name of Dutchman Tom Hulkenberg. It’s an EP with four new songs titled A Fluff Scar, which will be available this weekend on streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

The Dutchman is world famous. Many will know him from the Elvis song A Little Less Conversation quote. He lives and works in the United States and has primarily written music for major Hollywood series and films in recent years. While working on the Netflix series White Lines in Ibiza, he was inspired to go back to his dance music past.

He wrote a series of songs which he sent to an old friend to peruse. He asked if he could release the tracks as an EP on his own label, Sasha’s Last Night on Earth.

“These songs were something fun and personal to me, and an opportunity to stretch the muscles of the dance floor again, after remembering so many of my memories in Ibiza during the White Lines,” Hulkenberg says. “It is very different from the sound of the classic Junkie XL, and I never intended to release it. But when Sasha asked me about it, I couldn’t refuse.”

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