Nine healthy people celebrate their first birthday: “Each of them has their own personality” | abroad

Nine healthy people celebrate their first birthday: “Each of them has their own personality” |  abroad

The pregnancy of 26-year-old Halima Cisse was world news last year. On May 5, the woman gave birth to nine children, but it was also a big surprise for the mother. Sissy thought that she would have seven children, but during a caesarean section it turned out that there were nine: five girls and four boys.

Because Cisse needed special care, she was flown to a specialized hospital in Morocco. She still resides there with her nine buds. mother is fine.

little birthday party

“It’s not easy, but it’s great,” said proud father Abdelkader Arabi, an officer in the Malian army. “When you look at all the kids, we feel really good. Then we forget everything, even the tired.” He returned to Morocco six months later with their eldest daughter. “I am so happy to be with my whole family again,” he says with relief.

The family celebrates a small birthday with nurses from the clinic. “We will always remember this great moment,” Arby said.

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They are all very different

It is extremely rare for there to be ninety twins. Having too many babies at once is often associated with medical complications, which means that some babies don’t survive the entire pregnancy. As far as is known, no son ever survived. Fortunately, Sissy’s nine children are in good health. The woman even in the Guinness Book of Records with nine of her sons.

The mother lives with the children in a private apartment in the clinic where the children were also born. “There are nurses here who help my wife take care of the children,” Arby says. The clinic also created a children’s menu outlining what they should eat each day.

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The two boys are called: Mohammed VI, Omar, Al-Hajj, Bah, and the girls: Qadiya, Fatuma, Hawa, Adama, Omo. “Each of them has his own personality,” says the father. “Some are quiet, some make more noise and cry a lot. Some want to be picked up all the time, some don’t. Yes, they are all very different, which is very normal.”

The children have not yet gone to Mali, but they are very popular in the country. “Everyone really wants to see the children with their own eyes,” says the father. The father is grateful for the help they receive from the Mali government. “The Malian state did its best to take care of the nine children and their mother and treat them. It is not easy, but it is beautiful and a comforting thing,” Arby said.

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