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In Tirunelveli, the truck driver’s journey based on the route shown by Google Map gave him the worst experience.

In Nellai, a truck driver drove into a heavy-vehicle restricted area, for the reason Google Maps shows. On his way, he stumbled with the truck in the old stone pavilion in the Nilay Town area. The truck was recovered after about an hour and a half of struggle. The police also fined the truck driver.

The exhibition hall of the Nellaiyappar Temple is located on Cheranmakhdevi Road, Nellai City. The wedding of Swami Nilayabar and Gandhimati Ambal takes place there. As part of that, an event was held to show Gandhimati Ambal in a silver Rishabha to Gandhimati Ambal located in the Kampa River. The police issued an order prohibiting the use of heavy vehicles on this road.

To make this clear to motorists, the road is equipped with steel rails to prevent heavy vehicles from entering. But these iron bars have been removed to make it easier to go to Sabbaram for the Nellaiyappar temple ceremony in Tirukkalyana that took place a few months ago. Then they were fitted with steel bars.


At this point a heavy truck driver came with the help of Google maps to pick up the goods from Chennai near Ambasamudram in Nellai district. Google Nellie map showed some wrong roads within the city. One of them is the road from Chandipillaiyar Temple to Cheranmakhdevi Road.

In this way, it is not only a one-way road but no heavy vehicles are allowed in the area. The driver, who was not aware that Google Maps had indicated the wrong route, was driving on the Chiranmadevi Road at Chandebelayar Temple. But the public there advised the driver not to let the truck go in that direction. He keeps driving the truck no matter what.

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The truck once got stuck in the showroom gate. Locals condemned the driver for not being able to get the truck out. Police arrived at the scene and fought for over an hour and a half to get the truck back. During the rescue, parts of the truck began to fall into the ruins of the ancient stone hall of the Nilayabar Temple.

Locals complained to the police that the problem was due to the lack of proper lane notice and heavy vehicle ban. Then the police negotiated with them and slowly recovered the truck. Then Nelly City Police filed a case against the truck driver and fined the truck and took the truck to the police station.


This event also tells us that we should not rely solely on Google Maps, which often takes us safely to unknown places!

– Nagarajan

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