Nikki Haley criticizes Biden’s pressure to get a seat on the Human Rights Council in the ‘East’ with ‘tyrants and’ dictators’

Nikki Haley criticizes Biden's pressure to get a seat on the Human Rights Council in the 'East' with 'tyrants and' dictators'

On Wednesday, former UN ambassador Nikki Haley criticized the Biden government’s move to regain a seat on the controversial Human Rights Council – noting that the committee’s table, based in Geneva, includes “dictators and dictators”.

“Biden’s supervisor wants a seat with dictators and tyrants,” Haley wrote on Twitter.

But he expressed his intention to return to the United Nations Human Rights Council

“The United States should not give credence to the United Nations Human Rights Council,” she said. “A group that covers the worst human rights violators in the world and spends most of the time attacking Israel.”

Haley responded to Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s announcement on Wednesday that the United States will push for a seat on the Council – something the United States left in 2018 due to its membership and anti-American bias. Biden has pledged to join the board of directors during the 2020 presidential campaign.

Election of Cuba, China and Russia to the United Nations Human Rights Council; American brands “farce”

Haley was a UN ambassador when she left the United States, describing the council at the time in no uncertain terms as a “protector of human rights violators and a hotbed of political bias.”

Her comments were reinforced in the following years by ongoing elections for countries with poor human rights records on the council. Cuba, China and Russia were elected to the council last year. Saudi Arabia was on the ballot but failed to muster sufficient support to win a seat.

The Trump administration described their election as a “mockery.”

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Pompeo says the UN Human Rights Council has reached a “new level” with an anti-US resolution on race and police

A year ago, the United Nations General Assembly elected Libya, Sudan and Venezuela to its council. Venezuela, in particular, raised eyebrows at the election, saying it had witnessed massive human rights violations and massive poverty under the Maduro socialist regime.

In July, 53 nations from the United Nations, led by Cuba, came out to support China’s National Security Act, the law that laid the foundation for the crackdown on the people of Hong Kong.

Blinken said on Wednesday that the United States would seek a three-year term from next year, while also acknowledging the need to reform the agency and not focus too much on Israel.

It also expressed concern about the violations of Chinese minorities in Xinjiang and the Russian crackdown on opposition politicians and protesters.

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“In the United States, democracy and human rights are central to our foreign policy because they are essential to peace and stability,” Blinken said.

Blinken also said that “the worst human rights record should not be a member of this council.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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