Nicaragua cuts diplomatic relations with the Netherlands due to “neo-colonialism” | Currently

Nicaragua cuts diplomatic relations with the Netherlands due to "neo-colonialism" |  Currently

Nicaragua immediately cuts diplomatic relations with the Netherlands. This can be read in a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nicaragua, which was shown via other channels, through the Viva Nicaragua TV channel.

In the statement, it accused the “Kingdom of the Netherlands” of “repeated and neo-colonial interference”.

The decision of the Central American country is said to have been made due to the visit of the Dutch ambassador to the region Christine Perrin. President Daniel Ortega said it operates from neighboring Costa Rica and “speaks to the Nicaraguans as if Nicaragua were a Dutch colony”.

He also referred to the Netherlands’ decision to stop investing in the construction of a hospital in the city of Belwe. This decision was made in 2018.

According to Ortega, the Netherlands insulted the families of Nicaragua. It still happens, he says. “With threats and suspension of public interest services, such as hospitals for indigenous peoples and people of African descent.”

Nicaraguan government defends move with ‘honour and dignity’

The Nicaraguan government wrote in the statement that it felt compelled to take this step. “The continued attack by the representative of this neo-colonial and pro-imperialist government, in violation of the Vienna Convention, compels us to take this action. We will defend it with honor, dignity and sovereignty.”

The Dutch Foreign Ministry was not available for comment on Saturday morning. The Netherlands no longer has an embassy in Nicaragua. It only has a consulate in Managua, the country’s capital.

Nicaragua also does not like the United States very much. For example, the new US ambassador Hugo Rodriguez was not allowed to enter the country, as it turned out on Friday. The government in Managua denied him entry due to previous statements about Nicaragua. For example, Rodriguez described Nicaragua as a “pariah state” in the region and believed Ortega to be a dictator.

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