NHL raises rumors of Reverse Retro shirts on social media

NHL raises rumors of Reverse Retro shirts on social media

After months and months of leaks and speculation, the NHL confirmed Tuesday that Reverse Retro jerseys are coming.

The league has posted an animation on social media, which shows the fan’s shirt number and colors change 31 times as it runs. The numbers indicate the years the shirt design was originally worn and then flipped over for this group.

Jerseys are expected to be released this month for all Icethetics.

As RMNB first reported, the video provides additional proof that Screaming Eagle will be back next season but in red. When the video flashes over the number 97 – the year the Capitals began rocking the roaring eagle without the Washington mark underneath – the fan appears in a red shirt with blue stripes. This is in line with the shirt that Lucas Deichman mocked after the design was described by someone with knowledge. A source confirmed to RMNB that this is what the shirt generally looks like.

The Capitals haven’t worn the Screaming Eagle since 2007 when the team updated their logo and started playing in red, white, and blue.

On Monday, Pete Blackburn from CBS Sports also leaked what the Bruins’ retro jersey would look like.

Screen capture from @ NHL / @ adidashockey

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