NH-D15 ‘Next Generation’ and new fans: Noctua dramatically changes its roadmap in some cases

NH-D15 „Next Gen“ & neue Lüfter: Noctua verschiebt seine Roadmap teilweise deutlich
Photo: Noctua

Noctua has postponed some of the products announced in its public roadmap, including the next-generation NH-D15 and new white fans. In two cases, the final product is delayed by three quarters. But this is by no means the first delay that the manufacturer has to admit.

The NH-D15 still has to go on

The Austrian manufacturer had to announce at the beginning of January of this year that the successor to the NH-D15 (concept) twin-tower radiator, which Noctua announced about three years ago, will be delayed again in 2014. The current fourth quarter was the target of the announcement.

old road map
Old road map (Photo: Noctua)
The new roadmap
The new roadmap (Photo: Noctua)

In addition to the new air cooler spearhead in its own portfolio, which should not be less than the new reference of the release, other products are also postponed, such as white fans that have also been postponed several times and the so-called “140mm fan of the next generation”.

Old roadmap → new roadmap
  • NH-D15 Next Generation
  • Next Generation Fan 140mm
  • new white fans
  • 8-speed fan shaft

While already announced products are still a long time coming, Noctua is now writing new accessories like NA-STPG1, a thermal paste sealing cap (“Thermal Paste Guard”) for the socket AM5 and AMD Ryzen 7000 (test), where The roadmap has been updated again.

Surprisingly, now the manufacturer includes “new” thermal pastes in the form of NT-H1 and NT-H2 already known in the AM5 version in the new roadmap.

Sapphire Rapids radiators have been removed

Xeon’s next-generation CPU coolers (“Sapphire Rapids”) announced for the third quarter in January of this year have been removed from the roadmap, which runs through the fourth quarter of 2023. For its part, Intel’s new server processor will not be It’s ready and it’s going to be late until next year.

  • Server processors: Intel Sapphire Rapids stuck in traffic
  • Intel Xeon: Sapphire Rapids stuck in traffic (Part 2)
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Recently, Noctua released a new version of the low-end NH-L9i cooler for Intel Alder Lake generation processors (tested) on the LGA 1700 socket.

Last year’s collaboration with Asus, which resulted in the Asus GeForce RTX 3070 Noctua OC (test), whose massive cooler is equipped with two Noctua NF-A12x25 fans, caused quite a stir and a lot of interest among readers.

With the Asus GeForce RTX 3080 Noctua OC (tested), the two manufacturers were also able to outpace the cooling concepts of competing custom builds.

Noctua wants to meet expectations

The Austrian manufacturer constantly comments on delays in its products as follows:

We understand your frustration and share when there are delays, but we need to ensure that every product meets the high expectations placed on Noctua products – the perfection processes required to achieve this often take longer.


The current roadmap on the manufacturer’s official website provides more information.

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