News Invaders: 5 questions Chargers blazing with bolts of blue

News Invaders: 5 questions Chargers blazing with bolts of blue

It’s Las Vegas Raiders vs Los Angeles Chargers, Part II. We got back to it with five more pressing questions before our Thursday night game with our friends from Bolts From the Blue.

Let’s go:

S & BP: Is it fair to say that the midfielder of a team likely to end with two-digit losses is the OROY candidate? Can Justin Herbert win the rookie offensive title of the year and has he really played like her this season?

BFtB: In most cases, I would say the team’s record has to be important, especially when compared to the midfield of another player paying for the award. However, in Herbert’s case, he did almost everything he could as a rookie to give his team the best chance of winning matches. He can’t do anything about defensive fights and play horrific special teams. He’s about to do, and he has already, set a bunch of beginner passing records as well. I have no doubt that this award will go to Herbert O. VikingsJustin Jefferson.

S & BP: Nearly four backs carried the ball 50 times for nearly 200 yards, yet Justin Herbert leads the team with three quick touchdowns. He provided a quick summary and diagnosis of the running game so far through 13 games this season.

BFtB: A lot of those numbers would look different if Austin Eckler wasn’t hurt in Week 4 and missed half of the season. It also doesn’t help that Anthony Lin and Shane Stitch love to use a back panel. The offensive streak was also terrible and the team became more comfortable trying to throw it for a score within the 10-yard streak than they tried to hit it.

Overall, the running game was flat and uninspiring. There is no “POP” unless Ekeler is in the game because he’s the only person who can make the first guy miss constantly. Treated like a cow bell, he may average about 100 yards to the ground. But at the end of the day, he averages over 100 total yards of attack thanks to his ability as a receiver.

Kallen Ballage was much better with chargers than it has been with Dolphins Or airplanes. I am happy for him. Rookie Joshua Kelley has been one of the NFL’s worst competitors this season, carrying the ball at least 100 times in 2020. He’ll need to find some turnaround in his game if he is to survive. Finally, Justin Jackson was always productive when he had the chance, but this guy seriously can’t stay healthy. This will eventually be his downfall.

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S & BP: Is it safe to say that the Chargers’ attack line has Not good this year? And if so, what can we expect of them in this game against perhaps one of the most inconsistent passing rush units in the league as a whole in the Raiders?

BFtB: The Chargers’ attack streak was one of the worst in the NFL. Men like Trai Turner and Bryan Bulaga who traded and signed this season played a fraction of the footage this year while their young talent wasn’t impressive either. That’s the chore, though: That offensive streak has been bad in recent years when they played the Raiders. In 2019, they allowed Clelin Ferrell to score 2.5 bags after having only had one bag during the first half of the season. The same thing happened again earlier this year. Chargers allowed the invaders to score far too many bags. Much more than expected from this vulnerable group of pass runners. Until proven otherwise, I expect the same thing to happen Thursday night.

S & BP: Along with Joey Bosa, who is the Chargers’ best defensive player at this point in the season?

BFtB: If he’s not Bosa, he’ll have to go to safety of Rayshawn Jenkins or back-up Michael Davis. They were both distinguished by high school and each proved to be the most consistent member of the unit on a week-by-week basis. Rayshawn has turned strong player instead of Derwin James with solid safety and Michael Davis is the only corner player this year has played outside of Tevaughn Campbell with the Jets. It is likely that both will sign a new contract with the team after the season ends as well.

S & BP: Let’s go back to basics here, give me a prediction of the end result and how we get to it.

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BFtB: I think this game will look like the last. I think it would be a crossover with each team’s exchange kicks from start to finish. If Kainan Allen and Mike Williams end up not playing, I think this will become more difficult for Herbert and crime. This rivalry is always very difficult, even if one team scores better than the other. I imagine each team flips the ball once and ends up with another one-hit match, but I don’t think it’s about the final this time. Give me chargers that surprise invaders and win, 30-24.

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