New York wants to be the first state to enact the right to abortion | Currently

New York wants to be the first state to enact the right to abortion |  Currently

New York wants abortion and contraception enshrined in state law, reports de Volkskrant Saturday. The Senate on Friday approved a bill drafted for this purpose. The United States Supreme Court recently overturned the state’s right to abortion.

The US Supreme Court ruling now allows each state to decide for itself whether or not to allow abortion. About 20 states are considering abortion bans. It appears that in about half of the states controlled by Democrats, abortion is still possible.

After the Supreme Court ruling, dozens of progressive states — plus New York, including Vermont, Maryland, California and Washington — indicated they wanted to protect the right to abortion.

New York is the first state to take real steps. With the Equal Rights Amendment, the politically progressive state wants to protect rights legally. The legal text for this goes further, reports New York times† This prohibits the government from distinguishing between many characteristics, including pregnancy.

The Senate approved the amendment. The state House of Representatives has not yet approved the text. After that, residents can vote on the law during a referendum. The law could come into force from 2024 if it is passed.

Biden spoke of a ‘tragic mistake’

US President Joe Biden has called removing the national right to abortion a “tragic mistake.” He said that “women’s health and life are at risk” because countries can now decide for themselves whether abortion is permitted and what the rules are attached to it.

The president said women who live in states where abortions will soon be banned can travel to other states where abortions are allowed.

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