New Trailers This Week: Rebecca, The Truffle Hunters, Sneakerheads, and of course Dune

New Trailers This Week: Rebecca, The Truffle Hunters, Sneakerheads, and of course Dune

Well I got out of my reboot rut and broke it apart Away On Netflix during Labor Day and … I really wanted to like it! The acting was so good, and it looked beautiful, but the script strained the credibility at every turn.

It got off to a promising start with an accident aboard the spacecraft that left the rest of the crew wondering if first-time Commander Emma Green (Hilary Swank) really had a long-term mission to direct them to Mars. There are great performances by high-ranking staff.

Hope the writers have resisted the urge to include standard rom-com and endless Eureka tensions! Moments (for example: a person on Earth is subjected to a constant electric shock and realizes that it might be the key to helping the space crew get out of their recent accident!), And we could have completely got rid of B’s ​​plot of Green’s rebellious teenage daughter. She held on until the end but honestly the episodes got less and less exciting as the show progressed. Perhaps the second season, if there was one, could focus more on the fantasy in this science fiction story. At least it looked really cool.


Also great: my utter delight edge Colleagues tested watching the new trailer Dune remake. I haven’t seen the 1984 movie or read the novel so I’m a total Dune junior. But sandworms are clearly a big problem and fear is a mind killer. This is the team’s analysis of the trailer. Dune He is due to arrive in theaters on December 18th.

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Here are some additional trailers you should check out, including one Hundred Percent specifically designed for this former English major:


“A young newly married woman arrives at her husband’s majestic family home on a windy English coast and finds herself fighting in the shadow of his first wife, Rebecca, whose legacy lives on in the home long after her death.” I mean just inject this in my veins now. Rebecca It was a gothic novel written by Daphne de Morier in 1938 and made by Alfred Hitchcock in a movie starring Lawrence Olivier and Joan Fontaine that won the 1941 Academy Award for Best Picture (see this trailer here). This remake features Lily James as Mrs. De Winter, Armie Hammer as Maxim, and Kristen Scott Thomas (yesssss) as Mrs. Danvers. Rebecca Netflix hits (and set theaters) on October 21.

Truffle hunters

This documentary is about men searching for rare truffles in Piedmont, Italy, and the beautiful landscapes in the trailer scenes make it look more like a feature film. variety It is not all ideal countryside, he says; Climate change and deforestation are very real threats to this ancient tradition. But the filmmakers approach the topic with “respect, curiosity, and a sense of awe.” varietyReview says. Truffle hunters He is scheduled to arrive in theaters on December 25.

Athletic Shoe Managers

The series revolves around Devin, a former sneaker-maker, who is now a stay-at-home dad and still obsessed with finding a pair of Zeroes, kind of the Holy Grail of sneakers. Junior Pavilion: It’s not just a showcase of sneakers. Alan Maldonado is playing Devin and honestly he’s so funny and charming in the trailer I can’t wait to watch this. Athletic Shoe Managers It arrives on Netflix on September 25th.

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