New technology: Lufthansa doesn’t want dimmable windows in Airbus A350

New technology: Lufthansa doesn't want dimmable windows in Airbus A350

This year, for the first time, an airline will get an Airbus A350 with black-out windows instead of blinds. However, Lufthansa decided not to use the new technology.

When Boeing introduced the Dreamliner in 2004, technical details caused a sensation not only among experts, but also among passengers. The manufacturer opted for blackout windows for the new aircraft. Instead of having to pull the blinds, the Boeing 787 can be dimmed with the push of a button.

There are many advantages. Blackout windows allow for less cooler entry and are said to be more scratch-resistant. Above all, it can be controlled centrally. After dinner or before landing, the crew can faint in the middle or let the light in. This simplifies the work and prevents discussions between the guests if one wants to keep an eye on the passengers and wake them up.

Airbus hesitated for a long time …

However, the first Dreamliner players soon complained that the windows could not be darkened enough. As a result, the passengers could not sleep properly. Later Boeing 787s were delivered with improved dimming technology. Meanwhile, there is hardly any criticism, even if one hundred percent dimming is still not possible.

Although Airbus has been researching the technology since 2013, the European aircraft manufacturer has been hesitant for a long time. Just two years ago it was announced that in the future it will also offer dimmable windows as an option on the A350. Airbus is relying on a solution from the American supplier Gentex.

…depends on the choice

Airbus has already managed to convince at least one customer of this. An Aerotelegraph spokeswoman said the first A350 with black-out windows will be delivered this year. It has not yet revealed which airline has chosen this option.

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The new technology, says the spokeswoman, allows “control within seconds from full brightness to complete darkness and completely dark cabin”. Compared to previous designs, the latest generation of dimmable windows can be darkened twice as fast as 100 times darker. “This effectively eliminates more than 99.999 percent of visible light.”

Lufthansa declined with thanks

However, a large client declined with thanks. “Lufthansa has deliberately decided against the dimmed windows on the Airbus A350,” a spokesman for the German airline said. This is not because of costs, but above all because of technology.

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